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How to choose the suitable models of the vertical insulating glass machine?

Good quality Insulating Glass Production Line for sales
Good quality Insulating Glass Production Line for sales
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How to choose the suitable models of the vertical insulating glass machine?
How to choose the suitable models of the vertical insulating glass machine?

First, starting from the two points . First, the production , the second is the maximum processing size of glass .


Horizontal vertical insulating glass machine choose if you're just starting to do , not how much money wealthy business at hand is not large or only some small customers do not want to spend too much money , then the horizontal hollow glass equipment is an ideal choice. Spend more than twenty thousand dollars to buy a set of horizontal equipment to do odd jobs , capital returns do not take quick liquidity . Add up to a year down the income is not bad. However, the maximum horizontal insulating glass processing size of 2m * 1.5m, is not suitable for bigger size of the glass, but it can basically meet the ordinary window glass processing .

 How to choose the suitable models of the vertical insulating glass machine?

Vertical insulating glass production line choice

If you have enough volume of business , then it is suitable for use vertical automatic vertical insulating glass machine line, how to choose the largest glass processing production line depends on size . Maximum processing production lines for each model dimensions are as follows : Model 1,600,180,020,002,200 2500 Maximum processing size 2000 * 1600 2500 * 1800 2800 * 19503000 * 2200 3000 * 2450 Based on the above data you can choose one to suit what you want to own a device model . Then select the device configuration functions such as making films ranging from glass curtain wall , triple insulating glass, coated glass configuration. With the increased pace of economic development , people 's requirements in order to constantly improve the quality of life , creating a comfortable , environmentally friendly , energy-efficient living environment of people's lives become a basic requirement. Current national emphasis on foreign energy dependence and global environmental changes in climate warming , increase energy efficiency in all aspects of the popularity of products is a top priority.


vertical insulating glass machine building doors and windows is essential part of the country and people to guide the growing awareness of energy saving , alternative to single glazing insulating glass to become a trend. In recent years, with the vertical insulating glass machine market is extremely strong , wide range , variety of complex hollow glass equipment applications to the market . As glass processing enterprises and practitioners concerned with how to choose their own hollow glass equipment is a priority issue. So here we discuss how to select the right hollow glass equipment problem .


Hollow glass equipment consists of hollow glass equipment by function , said there are glass cleaning machine , glass lamination machine , coating equipment and auxiliary equipment.


Glass cleaning : To prevent contamination of the glass cleaning , washing machine cleaning room should be made of stainless steel shell , the best machine made of stainless steel production.


Glass Lamination Machine : Lamination machine is divided into two kinds , namely, roller presses and board presses, roller presses slow inefficiency pressure plate has been replaced .


Coating Equipment: Coating equipment are two, one is used as the first sealed insulating glass butyl rubber coating machine , one is a two-component edges sealed plastic machine or melt glue machine .


Auxiliary equipment: mainly aluminum spacer bending machine, molecular sieve filling machine, aluminum spacer cutting machine , inflatable machine , vertical insulating glass machine classification according to the structure is divided into vertical and horizontal , both devices have their own characteristics .

How to choose the suitable models of the vertical insulating glass machine?

Horizontal hollow glass equipment including washing machines, hot press, cold press . The advantage is less demanding in plant , equipment placement flexible , cheap and low investment. Is the lack of accounting for production of small and inefficient.


vertical insulating glass machine is divided into vertical platen hollow glass equipment and vertical roll hollow glass equipment , vertical roll device gradually be eliminated no longer focus on solutions Shao . Vertical Horizontal hollow glass equipment mainly comprises the feed section , washing drying section , light inspection section , check the positioning segment , co- clips, the output section , flip paragraph seven parts. The advantage is a high degree of automation , high efficiency. However, there are requirements for plant length dimension .How to choose the suitable models of the vertical insulating glass machine?

Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line, 2500mm Vertical Double Glazing Line,2500mm Automatic Vertical Triple Insulating Glass Production Line,2500mm Automated Double Glazed Production Line,2500mm Automatic CNC Insulating Glass Production Line,2500mm Automatic CNC Double Glazing Production Line;2500mm Automated CNC Triple Glazing Line,2500mm Automatic CNC Triple Glass Line,2500mm Automatic CNC Triple IGU Line,2500mm Automatic DGU Line;2500mm Doble Acristalamiento Vertical Line, 2500mm automática Triple Vertical vidrio aislante línea de producción, 2500mm automatizada de doble acristalamiento Línea de producción, 2500mm automática CNC vidrio aislante línea de producción, 2500mm automática CNC Doble Acristalamiento Línea de Producción; 2500mm CNC automatizados Triple Acristalamiento Line, 2500mm automática CNC Triple Glass line, 2500mm automática CNC Triple IGU line, 2500mm de línea automática DGU;2.500 milímetros Vertical Vidros Duplos Line, 2.500 milímetros Automatic Triplo Vertical de vidro de isolamento Linha de Produção, 2.500 milímetros Automated vidros duplos Linha de Produção, 2,500 milímetros de isolamento automático CNC de vidro Linha de Produção, 2500 milímetro automático CNC Vidros Duplos Linha de Produção; 2500 milímetros Automated CNC Vidros Triplos Line, 2,500 milímetros automático CNC Triplo Vidro Line, 2.500 milímetros automático CNC Triplo IGU Line, 2.500 milímetros linha Automática DGU;2500мм Вертикальный стеклопакеты Line, 2500мм Автоматическая вертикальная Трехместный стеклопакетов Линия по производству 2500мм Автоматизированная двойным остеклением производственная линия, 2500мм Автоматическое ЧПУ стеклопакетов Линия для производства, 2500мм Автоматическое ЧПУ стеклопакеты производственная линия; 2500мм Автоматизированная ЧПУ тройным остеклением Line.

How to choose the suitable models of the vertical insulating glass machine?

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